For the past six years, Lynn Carruthers has introduced the critical skills and practices of Visual Thinking as a foundational innovation skill to the California College of the Art’s Design MBA Innovation Studio class. As a leader in her field, Lynn’s mastery of visual craft and depth of experience both inspires and empowers these aspiring leaders to communicate new ideas in expansive and collaborative ways. Lynn seamlessly blends practice, theory and usable techniques with an accessible style that motivates even the most reluctant drawers to pick up the pen. I wouldn’t start my class without her!
— Lisa Kay Solomon, Faculty, MBA in Design Strategy, California College of the Arts Co-author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change
What sets Lynn Carruthers apart is not just her talent at visually rendering presentations and conversations in compelling and memorable ways, but her ability to deeply listen—to capture the very essence of the ideas and insights and to make the connections between them. I have worked with Lynn for many years and consider her an integral partner in delivering and documenting high-impact learning experiences and strategic conversations. Don’t leave home without her!
— Nancy Murphy, Director, Communications and Experience Design, Worldview Stanford
I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside Lynn for over a decade. Her work breathes life into meetings. Lynn’s recordings and templates are always high quality, providing an ideal balance of structure and creativity that helps bring a distinctive flavor to conversations. Her energy, responsiveness and attention to detail mean that clients are consistently delighted by the results of her work.
— Jonathan Star, Principal, Scenario Insight
Lynn and I worked together to deliver a key offsite for a major toymaker’s leadership team. Her work completely blew the executive team away. In short, her work now adorns the hallways of the executive wing for all the teams to come and hold discussions regarding the desired culture. Lynn is a great teammate and was completely flexible in working arrangements and even reacted to on-the-fly ‘audibles’ that impacted her work. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone who is truly one of the best in the world at what she does.
— Steven Goldbach, Principal, Strategy, Monitor Deloitte
Your recordings played a particularly valuable role for me when I was faced with the challenge of orienting a set of very senior political strategists in their role as panelists on the last day of the Gathering and briefing them on the entire two days’ worth of content. I am not sure how I could have done this without your work. I literally walked through the room with them, explaining how one chart tied to the next and letting them absorb the ideas and tone of the content on their own. I couldn’t have conveyed as full a sense of the content and energy of the proceedings if I had a whole day to describe it with words alone.
— Kim Syman, Managing Partner, New Profit Inc.