Meeting Design Inspirations

Recently I've been inspired by two resources with slightly similar titles.

Stop Meeting Like This is the rallying cry of Shani Harmon and Renee Cullinan. They believe we that it is possible to reinvent how we design meetings and have some terrific tools and ideas to help organizations do that. When I heard Shani talking about the incredible amount of time and money, wasted when organizations don't put the right kind of thought and attention to meeting design, I wanted to jump up and shout "Amen!"...but we were in a nice restaurant, with lots of glasses on the tables and I didn't want to cause a scene. Shani and Renee want to start a revolution and I think what they have to share is spot on and could make a difference. Take a look at their website and I bet you'll chuckle aloud like I did when you read this question - "What has the potential to kill Barbie, cost billions and cripple teams? Bad meetings."

We've Got to Start Meeting Like This! was written by fellow IFVP member, Dana Wright, and I can't put it down. I'm currently designing the annual IFVP conference and Dana's book has so many great ideas, suggestions, insights for creating a meeting or in our case, a conference to remember. Dana emphacizes the importance of putting "the focus on the EXPERIENCE..with the goal of creating events that are more useful, more productive, more effective, and more FUN!". It's been affirming to find explanations in the book for many of the design choices I made. I've been going on instinct and all those years with GBN, and now I'm reminded of what matters in a great event.   

Even though the title are opposites = Stop and Start, they both get at the  same thing. It's all about paying attention to who you are designing for, what they need, how they learn, and what kind of experience will they have. They are both inspiring me to pause and think. And that's always a good thing, don't you agree?