"Better Flipcharts"

"Better Flipcharts" is a two-hour workshop intended for anyone and everyone who ever finds themselves writing at the front of a room or fears that their time to step up to the flipchart (or whiteboard) may be coming.

Whether you are brainstorming with your case team, facilitating a discussion in your client’s office, supporting a break-out group or presenting to a group, capturing the content accurately and legibly serves a group in very powerful ways. With the content of a meeting visible and permanent participants can see their ideas and work with them. Legible flipcharts provide a useful and important collaboration tool.

"Better Flipcharts" is a perfect addition to an on-boarding or orientation program for new hires, as a stand-alone professional development offering, a team building activity or for anyone who needs to make compelling presentations. Lynn has delivered "Better Flipcharts" in the US and Europe, to positive reviews, and with close to 100% improvement rate. Lynn will be happy to talk with you about how to improve your flipchart fluency.

In This Workshop - 

You'll learn basic skills such as:

DMBA students edited.jpg

• Lettering
• Spacing
• Colors
• Shapes
• Numbers
• Simple icons

After that we'll move on to key concepts such as legibility,  listening, and organizing content. With these skills anyone can learn to capture comments, questions, lists, and ideas on a flipchart or whiteboard in a legible and compelling way. Lynn's approach to these concepts will help you build confidence in your ability to listen and capture content.


What Past Participants Have Said
About "Better Flipcharts"

"My goals were to learn about spatial clarity, use of color and how to draw to support the content. All achieved!"

"Realized how easy it is, with some practice, to create something visual in the moment."

"Small embellishments can make large improvements!"

"Learned new techniques for improving my visual recording and revived my creative juices."

"Put simply – I learned to think about presenting information differently in a more visually interesting way."

"Now I will think strategically about how I write on flipcharts – and try to be more thoughtful and organized."

The training made me feel more confident about my flipcharts and actually allowed me to be more efficient in going through the points on them."

"I would note how encouraging you are as a teacher. You’re very supportive and give people specific feedback positive feedback on their work."