Thinking about Dan Roam

I met Dan Roam about five years ago. I'd picked up 'Back of the Napkin' after the third person, upon learning that I'd not read it, said incredulously (how often do you get to use that word?!) 'YOU haven't?!!!!!!!??. I was so taken with the book and Dan's philosophy about the power of simple, thoughtful drawings that I sent him an email, asking him to come to GBN and talk with us about his book. To my total surprise and delight Dan responded immediately 'I know GBN and yes, I'd love to come visit with you all.', and that began our friendship.

Dan's thinking about drawing, about how to convey a message succinctly and clearly, are all around me all the time. Just yesterday, in a Christmas message from Kommunikationslotsenmy pals in Cologne, Germany, they quoted Dan in their e-advent calendar - 'There is no problem that can't be helped by a picture.'.

Dan made quite an impression on International Forum of Visual Practitioners members when he spoke at our annual conference in 2010. He told us 'the person who draws the best picture gets the money' and urged us to 'put the markers on your clients' hands!'. 

Earlier this month I signed a contract to confirm that next year, at the IFVP's 20th annual conference, Dan will once again close our conference and give us something to think about for another five years. I am sure Dan will blow our minds at AustinTX 2015, and he assures me he will wear his cowboy boots!

I think of Dan whenever I buy a banana and what he said in a workshop once 'A banana is a facilitator's best friend. It's easy to carry, comes in its own wrapper, doesn't need refrigeration, and is a great source of protein.'.

I think I live a very blessed life. I hope the same is true for you. Happy New Year to you and yours.