Working with Aloha

Awhile ago I read an article in Honolulu magazine about 'The Best Lawyers in Hawaii'. I was struck by this comment - We work with aloha, which means civility, courtesy and professionalism. Having experienced and come to genuinely believe in the spirit of aloha after a couple of jobs with the Hawaii Community Foundation I told myself that's how I want to work. So I wrote working with aloha = civility, courtesy and professionalism on post its and placed them where I see them every day. The word aloha encompasses many things - grace, a happy disposition, an acceptance of people and things unlike yourself because all deserve your respect, generosity, and an ability to appreciate. I've read that the spirit of aloha is shown by your actions and how you deal with things. I strive to live and work with the spirit of aloha always in mind.